TPC Chairs' Welcome

IMaRC is the premier international conference in India covering the area of microwave or RF engineering and systems. We invite you to submit papers describing the latest developments in research and technologies in this broad area. We will define microwave engineering very broadly, so that it includes passive components; transistors, diodes and travelling wave tubes; radar; photonic systems, MEMS, integrated circuits, communication systems and the digital signal processing methods required for microwave/RF systems to operate. All submitted papers will be peer reviewed and the decision to accept or reject a paper will be based solely on the demand that the research or technology development as described is technically correct, is significant and novel. The only papers that will not be considered are those that only describe passive antennas; papers describing antenna feed networks or those that integrate antennas with passive components or within a system are welcome. All authors should emphasize those points throughout the paper. In addition to the regular sessions with presentations of the contributed papers, there will be poster sessions, which give the authors a better chance to interact with the audience, and special sessions with invited speakers on interesting topics.


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